We take the Hassle Out of Hosting

Finding the right hosting provider is critical to your website’s success. A good web hosting solution will ensure your website runs super quick and secure. This has a direct impact on your sales and search rankings, not to mention your customer experience.

We take the hassle out of finding a hosting provider and manage your hosting for you. We will be your single point of contact to address any hosting related matters that arise.

Enterprise-Grade Quality

While you may be running a small or medium sized business we host your website with an enterprise-grade hosting solution. This allows your business to scale and you will never outgrow your hosting provider. It’s good to dream big and we don’t want hosting preventing your expansion.

Local Hosting with Global Reach

Our web servers are located in Sydney. This helps us provide a fast connection speed from all around Australia. In addition to that, your customer data remains onshore which is a compliance requirement in many industries, particularly government. By adding a Content Distribution Network (CDN) you can still serve international visitors almost as efficiently.

Security is Our Priority

A website, believe it or not, is under constant threat. Hackers look for vulnerabilities and potential targets whether it be for ransom demands or accessing personal data.

We provide SSL certificates which secure data exchanged between your hosting service and your customer’s browser. This means everyone’s data is protected. We also perform hourly backups which are stored on an external server to protect you from any Malware or other types of viruses. If your website gets a malware infection or you delete the wrong file we can revert to a back-up easily.

We Do The research for You

Research hosting solutions and configuring the right setup for your website can be an overwhelming experience. Whether you are running an e-commerce website, need to handle video streaming or have unpredictable levels of traffic, each website has different needs impacting the hosting and server configuration.

We take time to understand your website hosting needs. We will design the right hosting solution for you so that you only pay for what you actually need with a service you can trust.

Optimised For Wordpress

Compatibility in digital technology is important. Our web hosting is compatible with all types of Content Management Systems (CMS) including WordPress, Magento and other popular CMS’s. We use cPanel as our web hosting control panel both for its security and the wide range of add-on’s available to support email, website analytics and many other applications.

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