We can Help You Maintain and Manage your Website

Your website or app is like any other business asset and requires frequent updates and maintenance to perform at its very best and keep secure. Whether it requires new software updates, security patches applied or simply monitoring its availability. Keeping on top of maintenance is vital when running any technology.

Let us take care of all maintenance matters so that you don’t need to worry. We make the necessary updates when they are needed. We take a back up your entire website before performing any updates to ensure that we can revert back if needed. We also store a regular backup on an external server so that we can restore your service immediately should any problems occur.

We are Only a Phone Call Away

One of the most overlooked aspects of running a business is monitoring and website uptime. How do you know if your website is currently running right now? By the time you see your sales stop or your traffic flat line it is too late. And, who do you call to fix it?

We provide round the clock monitoring and alerts so we know immediately when something goes wrong allowing us to act fast, often before you notice anything is wrong. For things you do notice, we provide a single point of contact which is available 24/7. Our technical experts will troubleshoot the issue and resolve it promptly.

Keep Your Website Safe and Secure

Your website is not only an important asset, it is also your livelihood. Cybercrime is on the rise globally and needs to be taken seriously. You need to keep on top of new security risks and prevent hackers from infiltrating your data and that of your customers.

We perform regular software and hardware updates to keep your system up to date. We also put fail-safe measures in place should a malicious threat appear. Our technicians regularly monitor the health of your server at the data centre to ensure your data is kept safe.

Expose To New Features and Innovations

We live and breathe new technology every day and if we think a new feature will make you and your customer’s life easier, we will bring these ideas to the table. A website is far from a set and forget exercise and small incremental improvements are better than an infrequent and more expensive redesign.

Team Traning on Managing Your Website Content

Having your staff trained on publishing to your website is a great business practice to adopt. Whether it be updating business information or writing regular blog articles. If you want to get more hands-on with your website we can show you how. We provide face-to-face training for you and your team so they can access your website to make necessary changes.

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